Criminal Law, Constitutional Law and International Law

Works in the intersection of criminal law and constitutional law address methodological, conceptual, normative, and doctrinal implications of perspectives centered on the notion of human dignity. Important focus of work in this area has fallen on the notion of cruelty, the demands of structural mercy, and the political-constitutional status of criminal justice institutions.

A similar orientation informs the work on transitional justice and international criminal law, where transitional justice is recast as transition into a form of political life more conducive to the prevention of future atrocities.

Cruelty in Criminal Law – Four Conceptions

Punishing Cruelly – Punishment, Cruelty, and Mercy.pdf

Reconstructing Constitutional Punishment.pdf

Review of W. J. Stuntz, The Collapse of American Criminal Justice.pdf

What are Transitions for – Atrocity, International Criminal Justice, and the Political

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