Legal Theory

Work in this area centers on the evolution of law from explanatory as well as normative viewpoints. The explanatory work focuses on a general theory of the nature and evolution of law in high complexity societies. Normatively, projects in this are area offer a vision for the future of law that connects legal evolution to that of human endowments to endure, self-bind, individuate, reason, connect, create, communicate, and plan. Linking these two powerful vectors in human history – law and human endowments – the work moves from a novel reconstruction of the past of law and legal thought to imagining their future.

Critical Legal Thought: The Case for a Jurisprudence of Distribution

Law in Time: Legal Theory and Legal History

Comparative Law as a Way of Life: Tribute to WP Alford

The Spirit of Brazilian Law: Rise and Maturity

The Great Alliance: History, Reason, and Will in Modern Law

Institutional Conditions of Contemporary Legal Thought

What Legal Theory?

Interview: Critical Legal Theory and the Jurisprudence of Distribution

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